We provide its service to the internet service providers of all the categories such as domestic leading portals, broadcasting, education, on-line game, etc. Based on the industry's leading technology and major IDC(ISP) and a large-scale cloud infrastructure.

Powered with the industry’s leading technology, NETDEDI’s CDN service doesn’t limit itself in the existing web-based service but also provides the service customized for smooth operation from various devices such as Smart TV, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, etc. Especially, it possesses its own platform that is optimized for multimedia service transmission coping with the recent increasing data; based on which, it enables the provision of service optimized for customer’s needs. Recently, it built its own cloud computing and provides the service for various devices from the establishment of its own Video Cloud Computing.


Fast and Simple

There could exist the problem of speed reduction due to inter-ISP data traffic jam (IX net Peering Problem). This response speed issue can be drastically solved and improved by providing multiple edge servers to the domestic leading IDC closest to the user.

Scalability and Availability

Scalability and availability of the solution as well as infrastructure required to cope with the issues such as sudden increase in the number of concurrent users, event, service expansion, etc. can be guaranteed for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. (Operation of NOC)


We provide qualified service consistently through server configuration, network and system consulting optimized for the customer’s on-line business so as to prevent the user’s agitation and enhance the customer’s loyalty. NETDEDI CDN is built using NETDEDI’s highly reliable infrastructure. The distributed nature of edge locations used by NETDEDI CDN automatically routes end users to the closest available location as required by network conditions. Origin requests from the edge locations to NETDEDI origin servers (e.g., NETDEDI VPC,etc.) are carried over network paths that NETDEDI constantly monitors and optimizes for both availability and performance.


We protect your customers and services from unexpected invasion such as virus, hacking, DDoS, etc. and you can also securely protect your intellectual property through media security, DRM service, etc.


It enables to drastically reduce the overlapped investment and fixed expense due to infrastructure (Network, System) extension following the expansion of service.


NETDEDI CDN uses a global network of edge locations, located near your end users in the United States, Europe, Asia.

Cloud Computing based On-line Video Platform =>Video Cloud Computing

It provides everything required for providing high-quality video on any screen and from any device. - File uploading (audio/video), Automatic encoding, Advertisement insert, Publishing for any subject such as Smart phone, PC, etc., provision of integrated statistics (No. of reproduction, time, etc.)


Delivering media files

If your application involves rich media – audio or video – that is frequently accessed, you will benefit from NETDEDI CDN’s lower data transfer prices and improved data transfer speeds. NETDEDI CDN offers multiple options for delivering your media files – both pre-recorded media and live media.

  • Streaming of pre-recorded media: You can deliver your on-demand media using Adobe’s Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) streaming via NETDEDI CDN. You store the original copy of your media files in NETDEDI VPC and use NETDEDI CDN for low-latency delivery of your media content. NETDEDI CDN integrates with NETDEDI VPC so you can configure media streaming by making a simple API call or with a few clicks in the NETDEDI Management Console. You also benefit for the high throughput delivery of your media when using NETDEDI CDN, so you can deliver content in full HD quality to your viewers.
  • Progressive download of on-demand media:: You can store the original versions of your media content in NETDEDI VPC and configure an NETDEDI CDN download distribution for progressive download of your video and audio files. Popular media files are cached at the edge to help you scale and give your viewers the best possible performance.
  • Delivering live events: If you need to deliver a live event – audio or video – to a global audience, NETDEDI CDN can improve performance and help offload requests to your origin infrastructure by caching your live media for a short period of time and collapsing simultaneous requests for the same media fragment to a smaller number of requests sent to the origin. In addition, NETDEDI CDN’s live HTTP solutions give you the ability to deliver your live event to viewers using different device platforms, including both Flash based and Apple iOS devices.